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Update! I love animated movies wow what a shocker
I've been feeling very sarccastic lately heh
Such Wonderful Things Around You
Noelle, California.
I really like animated films so I dedicated a blog to them.
Here you'll find Disney, Pixar, Ghibli, Dreamworks, Bluth, and others.

disneyyandmore’s pick a disney princess challenge
→favorite pairing/relationship: Ariel & Triton

Jul 8th    ♥ 963
#disney    #disneyedit    #the little mermaid    #tlmedit    #disneyyandmore    #myedit    #princess meme    #i feel like everyone always emphasizes Ariel and Erics relationship    #and don't get me wrong those two are cute    #but I really don't think the movie is supposed to be focused on the love story of Ariel and Eric    #if it was I probably wouldn't love it as much as I do    #because the exploration of ariel and triton's strained relationship is what makes this movie so beautiful    #at the start they barely understand each other    #ariel desperately wants to set her own rules and live in a new world    #and triton desperately wants to protect her    #but everytime they try to talk to each other nothing gets across    #he doesn't understand why she wants to know so much about humans    #and she doesn't understand why the human world is so bad    #this lack of proper communication leads to the destruction of the grotto    #that scene is so important and so incredibly powerful    #because triton realizes the extent of what he's done and ariel's dreams have literally been smashed    #and so ariel runs away thinking her father hates her and tuns to ursula in desperate measures to find a world that will accept her    #and triton finally sees that maybe just maybe he was wrong and he has to make things right    #so when he sees ariel on that rock he gets it: that she is growing up    #she's independent and she has to make her own decisions even if he doesn't approve    #and ariel does realize that her father does love her that he never stopped loving her    #oHMYGOD IM GETTING SO EMOTIONAL PLEASE DONT CONSIDER THIS MOVIE AS JUST A CUTE ROMANTIC FILM IT IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT IT IS SO MUCH MORE    #AND ARIEL IS SO MUCH MORE THAN THAT    

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